16. July 2024

Ten Reputable Midterm Polling Firms

While polling companies’ rankings and reputations may change over time, I can provide you with a list of some well-known and trusted midterm polling companies in the USA as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. Please note that the political bias of these companies may vary, and it’s always a good idea to review their methodologies and track records before drawing conclusions. Here are ten reputable polling firms:

1. Pew Research Center: Pew is a nonpartisan organization that conducts surveys on a wide range of issues. It is highly respected for its rigorous methodologies and impartial approach to polling. Pew strives to maintain neutrality and does not exhibit political bias.

2. Gallup: Gallup is one of the oldest and most recognized polling firms in the USA. It covers a broad spectrum of topics and provides insights into public opinion. While Gallup aims to be nonpartisan, some critics argue that it has occasionally exhibited slight right-leaning biases in the past.

3. Monmouth University Polling Institute: Monmouth University’s Polling Institute is highly regarded for its accuracy and impartiality. It conducts surveys on political and public policy issues and is known for its transparent methodologies. Monmouth strives to maintain nonpartisanship.

4. ABC News/Washington Post: This collaboration between ABC News and The Washington Post produces comprehensive polls on political topics. While both organizations have their respective editorial perspectives, they generally strive for fairness and present a balance of viewpoints.

5. Quinnipiac University Poll: Quinnipiac University conducts regular national and state-level polls covering political races and public opinion. It has gained a reputation for accuracy and transparency. While it aims to be nonpartisan, some critics argue that it has shown slight left-leaning biases in the past.

6. Marist College Institute for Public Opinion: The Marist Poll is known for its extensive polling on political races, social issues, and public opinion. It follows rigorous methodologies and emphasizes transparency. Marist College strives to maintain neutrality.

7. NBC News/The Wall Street Journal: NBC News and The Wall Street Journal collaborate to conduct polls that cover political races, public opinion, and economic issues. While both organizations have their own editorial stances, they generally aim for impartiality in their polling.

8. CNN/SSRS: CNN, in partnership with the independent research company SSRS, conducts polls on a wide range of topics, including politics, social issues, and public sentiment. While CNN has a center-left editorial stance, its polling aims to be nonpartisan and reliable.

9. Ipsos: Ipsos is a global market research and polling firm that conducts surveys on politics, public opinion, and consumer behavior. While Ipsos endeavors to be nonpartisan, it is essential to review their methodologies and cross-check their results for any potential biases.

10. YouGov: YouGov is an international polling and market research company that conducts regular surveys on politics, public opinion, and consumer preferences. While it aims for objectivity, YouGov’s panel-based methodology and online polling can sometimes result in a slight skew towards more politically engaged individuals.

Remember that biases can emerge not only from the polling firms themselves but also from the interpretation and reporting of poll results by media outlets. Therefore, it’s advisable to consider multiple sources and evaluate their methodologies, transparency, and historical track records when assessing polling data.

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